Budgetary eLearning Solutions

Let`s make every student learn with world class facility at low cost solutions.

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Anywhere, Anytime Learning Flexibility

A learner need not to be present in the physical classroom anymore. Just get your Device, Place & Time to learn at your convenience.

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Customized eLearning Solutions

We provide industry leading end to end eLearning and Smart classroom solutions understanding the need of institution.

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Smart Classroom &
eLearning Infrastructure

  • The smart classes is a modernized method of education in education scenario which provides quality education to students with the help of latest Audio-Visual Technology.


  • Various tools, technologies, methodologies, and major concepts that contribute to a smart classroom. There are many considerations within the learning space that when combined with modern digital devices can influence what or how a student learns.


  • The learner’s engagement is the product of the whole classroom environment which encompasses infrastructure, methodologies, hardware and software
    • Hardware: Digital Podium, Video Cameras, Microphones, Digital Interactive Display, Computers, Speakers etc…
    • Software: Learning Management Suits, Lecture Broadcasting and Remote Lecture facility etc…
    • Methodologies: Audio and Video Design, Planning & implementation.
    • Infrastructure: Classroom Aesthetic, Design & Planning with appropriate ambiance.


Analog Eclipse eLearning

eLearning Scenario

  • We do bridge the gap between education and learners. The technologies applied transform the traditional classroom into a global learning platform.


  • Students can learn directly from the experts on various subjects, ask questions and collaborate with peers without shifting base.


  • Virtual collaborations platform that makes possible teaching-learning beyond geographical borders. Now, students can attend lectures and faculty can take the lectures from anywhere, access course materials at their convenience and work together with their ‘classmates’ who are geographically dispersed.
Analog Eclipse - eLearning Scenario

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